The Pathology Laboratory is an important component of any health care center. We all know today investigations play a vital role in the management of any illness. They provide us with clues that help decide on the treatment modality.

Accuracy, precision and timeliness are vital characteristics of any good and progressive laboratory. The Laboratory at Garg Hospital is fully automated and has state-of-the-art equipment that analyses all blood and body fluid parameters. We use the dry technology Machine for Biochemistry which completely rules out human error. (VITROS 250)

The department boasts of its quality through the numerous quality control programs (internal & external) that it carries out. The department functions “round-the-clock” throughout the year offering Inpatient and Outpatient testing capabilities with an extremely comprehensive menu of investigations to choose from which includes routine and specialised investigations.


Home Collection facility is also available.


  • Investigations carried out :




Histopathology & Cytopathology



Blood gas analysis




Dr. Manisha is Chief Consultant, Department Of Laboratory Medicine, having 28 years of experience in her chosen field. She is well trained and motivated to follow best practices in Lab and is using CLIA guidelines for maintenance of quality. Garg Hospital Laboratory is equipped with quality state-of-the-art equipments. To operate these sophisticated gadgets Dr Manisha has a team of efficient, motivated, knowledgeable and qualified personnel and technical staff who are constantly involved in producing World class results and upholding quality assurance. All the blood samples of Laboratory investigations are collected using latest system of collection which avoid contamination, thus any gross error.

Why Choose Us


Great Infrastructure

Fully automatic Pathology using latest dry technology, Modernized and equipped Operation Theatre, Sutureless Surgery for Cataract, 50 Bedded Hospital

Qualified Doctors

The Centre has a strong team of more than 50 specialist and super specialist consultants with the support of more than 200 charged up paramedical and support staff.

Emergency Support

24hrs. Casualty, Accident & Emergency Service