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About The Garg Hospital:-

Out Hospital is the forefront in offering the latest in orthopedic treatments and orthopedic surgical advancements as par with the best onternational standerds our district. Our tram, bring with them the lastest and best techniques and work in our facilities that have the lastet cutting edge technology in terms of equipments, operating rooms, recovery areas and advanced physical therapy facilities.

This is 31 bed capacity hospital is situted in the heart of the city well connected with road and rail. our hospital equipped with mordern medical equipments offer excellents service.


Garg Hospital is committed to preserving and improving the quality of health to the people we servce. our mission is to excel at meeting the needs of the whole person through the prevision of quality healthcare and health related services.


1.  To embrace the healing mission of the divine healer and to show a firm solidarity with those deprived of health care and the marginalized so as to bring about an integrated humanity through health services.

2.   To work towards fullness of life , so that every person is assured of basic health and may enjoy respect. dignity and equality as human beings.

3.   To ensure the availability of promotive , preventive and curative health care at affordable cost and to advocate indigenous medicine.

4.   To reach out more efficiently to the marginalized.

Objective :-

1.   To offer personalized services to the clinets irrespective of religion, caste.

2.   To promote the advancement and application of the new knowledge which will promote health , prevent illness , restore health , alleviate suffering and assist client to face death with dignity and peace.


1.  The Garg Hospital Trauma and MRI Center as perform surgeries on the bone and joints which include the most current arthrosocpic and reconstructive techniques. joint replacements including hip resurfacing and knee replacements

2.   Shoulder surgeries and the most delicate hand micro surgeries are all performed with great precision and expertise.

3.   We are dedicated units for Traumatology which involves treatments for dislocations and fratcure with very minimal down time for the patient.

4.   Our physical therapy units provide rehabilitation and pain managements and use sophisticated equipments and protocols to provide recovery in the quickest timeframe.

5.   Our Special expert team of super specialties perform various urology neurosurgery, plasticsurgery and general surgery on regular basis.

6.   Our modern diagnostic facilities like Digital X-Ray Machine , C-Arm Machine, MRI Scanning, CT Scanning Machine and Lab , help as getting the accurate diagnosis and certified result.

Milestones :-

1.   Garg Hospital is the first of its kind of trauma center started in sawai madhopur in year 2002.

2.   In sawai madhopur district Garg Hospital was the first to start Digital X Ray machine since 2012. It gives best result in rediology scanning with affordable prices.

3.   Our First MRI machine in Gangapur city in year 2016.

4.   Our First Dual Slice CT Scan machine in Gangapur city in year 2017.

5.   District first C- Arm Machine installed in our hospital in 2002 . That revolutionized the field of orthopedic surgery in our area.

6.   Garg Hospital pioneers of Arthroscopic knee & shoulder joints ligaments repair ( ACL , PLC & Bankart ) by expert team.

Key Surgeries & Procedures:-

  • Hip arthroscopy.
  • Hip Replacement.
  • Shoulder surgery.
  • Knee replacement.
  • Arthroscopy.
  • Minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis.
  •  All type of interlocking PFN TFN Femoral Tibia Humeral.
  • Laparoscopic cholecytectomy .
  •  Plastic surgery.
  • Llizarov
  • Deformity correction.
  • Spinal surgery.

Clinical Team

Orthopedic Doctors & Surgeons.

keeping you health under constant vigilance is important to live a strace -free life. Having the best doctors to treat you for the health issues you face provides relief like no other.
With a team of the best orthopedician providing excellent treatment at Garg Hospital , you can be rest assured of complete recovery from your bone and joint problems. You can simply sit back, relax and be assured of complete healing , through the efforts of accomplished medical practitioners, trained in the centers in India.


  • General surgery.
  • Orthopedics surgery.
  • Neurosurgery
  • Urology.
  • Laparoscopy surgery.
  • Arthroscopy surgery.
  • Plastic surgery.

Details of services offered in the hospital:-

  1. Special package rate and discount price available for recognized institute ( Pvt. And Govt.)
  2. Recognized by Bhamashah Swasthy Beema Yojana (BSBY).
  3. MRI machine (0.3 Hitachi Aeris) now high quality MRI Scan possible in our town.
  4. CT Scan machine Dual Slice 3D image reconstruction possible in our town.
  5. C-Arm Machine ( Computerized) Make possible to do all nailing , wiring interlocking , plating , close reeducation with very minimal invasive procedure.
  6. Digital X ray machine provide best quality result with affordable prices .
  7. Hip and Knee Joints Replacement by expert team.
  8. Arthroscopic hip and knee joints ligament repair ( ACL , PLC & Bankart) by expert team.
  9. Admission facilities are available l- Air Cooled ward & Private rooms.
  10. Plaster traction and all type of bone and joint operation.
  11. Emergency services 24 hour.
  12. Ambulance services 24 hour.
  13. Modern OT that is equipped with all life supporting and word class equipments like arthroscopic , laparoscope oxy generator , defibrillator , boyles apparatus , multipara monitor , fracture table and C- Arm.
  14. Blood investigation ( Hematology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Serology ) and ECG.
  15. Physiotherapy by digital computerized machine SWD, Ultra sound, Wax therapy and cervical traction.
  16. General surgery appendix, hernia, hydrocele, piles , tumor , swelling , cyst, renal stone, prostate, gallbladder stone ( Laparoscopic & TURP)
  17. Urology Surgery.
  18. Plastic Surgery.
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